About Candice

It was a beautiful Friday evening in late spring. Candice and one of her colleagues were the only ones still in the office, and they were getting ready to leave. Everyone else had already left to start their weekends, feeling great about a major project they had finished that day.

Candice’s phone rang. It was the project client. “The final product is incorrect. It’s going out for mass production first thing Monday morning, so I need it fixed now.”

Candice began calling her coworkers that had worked on the project. She was able to reach a couple of them right away. Some were unavailable, so she called others as alternates. She left messages for a few of them—multiple messages for some.

Finally, a team was assembled, everyone arrived at the office, the repair was finished, and the project was finalized later Friday night. The client was happy—so happy that the company began working on a new project for him the following week. Candice’s supervisors credited her with helping to save that critical customer relationship.

This “can-do” attitude has served her well throughout her life, and Candice continues to create her own luck. From turning a song request to a DJ into an internship with the radio station . . . to leaving metro Detroit, the only place she had ever lived, to move to New Zealand, where she wrote, volunteered, and traveled a different part of the world . . . to attending a public meeting which led to her writing a column for her hometown newspaper, Candice has always sought out opportunities to do as much and learn as much as possible while helping others in the process.

After returning to the United States, Candice and her husband moved to Miami, where she attended law school. Yet after practicing law for a short time, she realized that she missed the marketing work she had previously done—the psychology, the creativity, and the satisfaction of helping clients create compelling advertisements and promotions.

Candice currently works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in direct response, content development, marketing consulting, and public relations. Not surprising for someone who begged to learn to read at age four, won the school spelling bee in 8th grade, and went on to earn a spot on her law school law review after taking part in a writing competition. “I guess I should’ve started paying attention earlier to my childhood passions, although there’s something I never understood about the spelling bee,” Candice says, laughing. “The local newspaper gave me a dictionary with my name engraved on it, which I love and will keep forever. But wouldn’t you think the last thing the spelling bee winner needs is a dictionary?”

For more information, Candice can be reached directly at 786.629.6323 or at candice[at]candicelazar.com. Or, find out here what people say about working with Candice.